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I am a woman who has worn many hats. I continue to do so....even though one of my roles has changed radically...... Wife to David to Widow (and I do so HATE that word!) of David.

Mother, Daughter, Grandmother (Oma), Friend and Lover....Musician, Teacher, Health Professional, Meditation Leader, Artist, Actress, Director, Writer, Chief Cook and Bottle-washer.....and much more

You don't get to 69 years of age without having gathered many experiences and skills

And yet....

I continue to experiment into my life....and this blog site is one of those.

In is...I have decided...a ONE YEAR EXPERIMENT in Grief Recovery (for lack of a better term at the moment)

I have many pages and sites.

I don't expect for you to explore them all unless you feel compelled

However...if you want more of the history of Wisecracks check out the Facebook link because that is where it started...and 'Like' if you want to get notifications about the posts there

BTW: Some posts will only be available there on FB and some only here on this site can find me at:

Qi Gong Therapy - (David's page that I now manage)

Instagram: Jazzdakini

Websites: Patti Shaffner

Thanks for your time and please feel free to comment or share ideas and information with me and others who visit here.

We are all in this thing we call LIFE together

So Love and Live with Kindness and Awareness and take good care of you can keep your Light shining Brightly!

~ patti

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shot down of; it works! I’ve got older eyes; they would appreciate a bolder-larger font and/or more contrast. wow...can’t seem to edit successfully, but I’m in the boonies on a pet jo b now, so it could be the sloowww

ggiveup trying this...will come again from home next week. 🥰🙏🏼✌🏼

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