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March Forth.....

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

It is the end of March

"March Fourth/Forth!" You would say. "That is what the Romans did."

The stores of grain and wine are dwindling and the Earth is growing sweet with becoming.

So march forth to find what is new and can nourish.......


At last the snow drops, crocus and daffodils are rising from the ground,

and the robins are pulling worms from the dirt.

Though Winter still steps an icy boot into the middle of the puddle of Spring rain,

the grip is loosening and the days have becoming longer.


You died in late Spring.

This rattles in the chambers of my Heart, still ragged from all the 'no mores' that I meet along the way.

This heart...mended over and over with the gold of Love that cannot die,


This heart breathes in the awakening world and steps, in faith that she will be held,

onto a path that unfolds one breath at a time.

And holy water runs in rivulets on my face.

A baptism in the eternal well of 'I will always love you."

No matter where my feet may lead me.


March forth

and seek what is new and nourishes.

This is what you would be doing.

This is what I will do.


I will always love you.

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