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Speaker with a Poduim
  • What seems obvious to me is that we all need to be witnessed in our grief. We yearn to seen and heard authentically because we all know that most people do not listen to hear us, but rather to respond to what they think they hear.   

  • As a result I have discovered that both writing my thoughts and feelings as well as telling them on stage and in small safe groups of other grievers has helped me navigate the ever changing waters of my grieving.

  • I began studying storytelling and am now offering the opportunity to you to join me in learning to create and share your own unique story of grief, the story of your person and your own story with and now without them. 

  • When we are able to share our own experiences, we not only begin to integrate our grief and love, we also become a voice for those who have not yet found theirs.

  • Initially the classes will be online so that you can learn the fundamentals of storytelling/writing your stories and then sharing them within the context and safety of the class. 

  • Think, The Moth and other storytelling events and venues that have stories that are about 10 minutes long.

  • You might be saying, "There is NO way I can possibly tell my story in ten minutes! Maybe ten lifetimes!" But not to worry. This class will help you break it down into pieces that can become a window into your experiences and a way to bring your person to life for others....all of their amazing, shining light and the whole of their humanness so that the love you carry in your own ragged heart can be felt and heard and seen through your stories.

  • For those who may wish to go on to share their stories with an audience outside of the class setting, I will be organizing Story Nights for those near my regional location.

  • Cost is yet to be established however please reach out with any questions. 

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