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Renewal & Community For Grieving Hearts

I have begun a five month intensive training with Francis Weller, author of "The Wild Edge of Sorrow" on leading Grief Rituals and am beginning to offer Rituals in Community. As I am at the very edge of this work I am learning to incorporate my skills in Circle Singing to create sacred space for witnessing our griefs and the myriad ways in which grief presents in our lives.

Francis teaches the concepts of the Five Gates of Grief:

  • 1 All that we love we will lose 

  • 2 The places that did not receive love

  • 3 The sorrows of the world 

  • 4 What we expected but did not receive 

  • 5 Ancestral grief 

      6 Trauma (an optional addition)

The Grief Rituals I am currently leading and developing include:

  • Calm/Restorative Practices

  • Validation of Your Experience

  • Exploring Continuing Bonds

  • Community That ‘Gets It’

  • Rituals For Honoring Our Grief

  • Tools for Moving Forward as Life Unfolds

  • Resources (Books, etc)

Please look for updates as well as reach out if you should want to organize a ritual for your group or organization.



Keep in mind that I am a Peer to Peer Grief Educator and if you are suffering from thoughts of self harm or unable to function in your day to day life without relief, seeking a qualified Therapist who focuses on Grief may be what you need in order to help you get to a more functional position. I will do my best to help steer you in the direction of finding that support if that is what you are in need of. 

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Dates ~ Locations

November 4th
Grief Retreat 
Crystal Street Space 
Cary, IL

November 11th
Private Retreat
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