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What We Offer

Renewal & Community For Grieving Hearts

This Workshop is designed to help foster Community for Widowed People. It does not matter if you were married or in a long-term partnership. If your partner, your Beloved, has died, then you now belong to a 'club that no one wants to join'. In the company of others who 'Get it' about the way grief continues to impact our lives, we can explore practices that are designed to assist us. In the safe space of community we can be heard and seen in open discussion and sharing.


What You Will Take Home With You


  • Calm/Restorative Practices

  • Validation of Your Experience

  • Exploring Continuing Bonds

  • Community That ‘Gets It’

  • Rituals For Honoring Our Grief

  • Tools for Moving Forward as Life Unfolds

  • Resources (Books, etc)

Join us for a day of being

Seen, Heard and Held in Healing Space

Please bring a photo or memento of your Beloved with you for an Honoring Altar

Presented By Widowed Warriors:

Maya Etienne, Grief Coach & Companion

Patti Shaffner, Certified Grief Educator

   Fee: $125 



Dates ~ Locations

 Be Witnessed and Heard

Be Held In Community

SUNDAY APRIL 30th - 12 to 6 PM

Ohm Studio

57 Franklin St #111  Valparaiso, IN 


Dancing Feet Yoga

 19135 West U.S. 12  New Buffalo, MI 

Ohm Studio - If you have difficulty with online registration, please call: (219) 386-8008 or email:

Dancing Feet - Scroll down on the page to find the workshop to register

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