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Changing World: Thoughts on Responses to a Virus

I just want to say:

I KNOW death to be a part of the contract of living

I KNOW the pain of loss that burns through me daily

I KNOW the struggle to stay true to the "YES" to Life that each breath brings

I KNOW and feel the unsettling panic of being thrust into a life so different from the one I imagined

I KNOW that as a culture we totally 'suck' at supporting each other in the face of death (but have faith in individuals who have lifted me up all along....even when some of my family could not/did not know how)

I SEE what is happening and am LISTENING to what is being said


I will NOT wish this pain on ANYONE....though I know they will all feel it someday unless they die first

I am so deeply SAD that there are others who are 'wishing' this agonizing, heart-rending loss on the uninitiated...

I want to help educate and lift and support

I don't want revenge for what I have suffered because others do not know...and are in the literal sense of the word...Ignorant

I was the Ignorant on for a LOOOOOOONG time......

I only learned when I entered this world of grief

Maybe that is the only way we truly learn.....

this pandemic an eager mentor in fear and cruelty

But I will hold out for Kindness and Love ...and reach out to help those who do not yet know the borders of this landscape of Loss

help them learn how to help those of us who are grieving

teach them how to help ease the pain....

even if just for a few moments at a time

Be Kind....

Even when others do not yet know how

Do it for your own heart.....

It is the only way I can get through the day here at almost 10 months

I wish only ease and deep healing for you all.....

The saying goes something like:

“We’re all just walking each other home...”

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